Intermediate Microeconomics II

Recommended Course Outline 

I use this course outline for my second-year undergraduate-level intermediate microeconomic theory classes. It includes an ordered list of topics and lecture videos. It's essential to watch the videos in the proper order because each concept builds on the ones introduced in previous videos. This will help ensure effective learning.

Course Description and Objective

This is the second course in the sequel of intermediate microeconomics courses for second-year ECON students. This course analyzes resource allocation in imperfectly competitive markets and factor pricing in alternative market structures. The course also introduces students to concepts and applications of game theory and considers basic concepts of general equilibrium and externalities. At the end of the course, students are expected to

Suggested Textbooks

Course Outline


CHAPTER 1: MONOPOLY (Chapter 25 of Varian)

CHAPTER 2: MONOPOLY BEHAVIOR (Chapter 26 of Varian)

CHAPTER 3: FACTOR MARKETS (Chapter 27 of Varian)

CHAPTER 4: OLIGOPOLY (Chapter 28 of Varian)

CHAPTER 5: GAME THEORY & APPLICATIONS (Chapters 29 and 30 of Varian)

CHAPTER 6: EXCHANGE (Chapter 32 of Varian)

CHAPTER 7: PRODUCTION (Chapter 33 of Varian)

CHAPTER 8: WELFARE (Chapter 34 of Varian)

CHAPTER 9: EXTERNALITIES (Chapter 35 of Varian)

CHAPTER 10: PUBLIC GOODS (Chapter 37 of Varian)